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A photo illustration of the Israeli and Palestinian flags, with a rather grimy filter.

A Revived Call to Boycott Israeli Universities

In 2016, American Anthropological Association members rejected, by a hair, a resolution “to boycott Israeli academic institutions.” The issue returns this summer.

Dozens of people demonstrate holding up signs

From Ending Tenure to Enshrining It

Texas’s Senate has passed antitenure, anti-DEI and anti-transgender sports access bills. But they may face stronger opposition in the state’s House of Representatives.

A Free Speech Violation or Overdue Discipline?

A tenured professor at Bakersfield College says district leaders are firing him for expressing conservative views. College administrators dispute that and cite a long list of charges.

An aerial photograph of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus.

Hundreds of UNC Professors Oppose ‘Overreach’

Faculty members are opposing what they consider encroachments from three sources: the state Legislature, the UNC Board of Governors and the Chapel Hill Board of Trustees itself.

Student signs for "educational freedom" at New College of Florida.

New College Board Denies Tenure for 5 Professors

In the latest maneuver to remake higher ed in the vision of Ron DeSantis, New College of Florida trustees voted to deny tenure to five applicants due to “extraordinary circumstances.”

A drawing of one hand extending a sealed envelope, with the word "RESIGNATION," in red, written over the envelope seal, to another outstretched hand.

Why Florida’s Public College Presidents Should Resign 

The best strategy for countering Governor DeSantis’s attacks on higher ed could be for Florida’s public university presidents to threaten to resign en masse, Robert Birnbaum writes.

FIRE: 1/5 of ‘Scholar Sanction Attempts’ Led to Firing

There have been 1,080 “scholar sanction attempts” since 2000, about a fifth of which resulted in firings, the Foundation for...
Students at the University of South Florida hold signs supporting diversity.

Ex-Presidents for Academic Freedom

PEN America has convened a group of 100-plus former college presidents to push back on threats to academic freedom as higher education remains a frequent target for politicians.