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Students walk on campus at UCLA.

California Bill to Ease Transfer Stokes Controversy

Advocates say legislation would smooth access to University of California campuses. UC leaders say the approach is oversimplified.

College and career success coordinators from Maine community colleges stand together smiling at a summer retreat with trees in the background.

Connecting Adult Ed Programs and Community Colleges

The Maine Department of Education has placed advisers on community college campuses to help students bridge the gap between adult education programs and colleges.

A man shows another man in goggles how to operate a machine.

Assessing Nondegree Credential Quality

A new report recommends ways states can better ensure the quality of programs as they proliferate across the country.

A photo of Claudia Goldin, a light-skinned woman with shoulder-length light hair, pictured in front of a bookcase.

A Challenge to Close the Gender Gap in Economics

An experiment to encourage more women undergraduates to study economics produced mixed results but raised awareness of gender disparities in the field.

Chanit'a Holmes, pictured at the Virginia Tech campus in a yellow cardigan.

Academic Alerts Are a Mixed Bag For Students

Lots of institutions have systems for informing students of their performance in class. New research indicates the positive effects of these “nudges” dwindle over the course of a semester.

Four students sit around a table talking. Three of them are wearing navy blue shirts that read "ASAP" in blue and orange letters.

Scaling the ‘Secret Sauce’ for Completion Rates

New efforts are underway to expand ASAP, the City University of New York's academic support program, amid evidence that it works but is costly.

Three students walk in the tree-lined courtyard at Roxbury Community College.

New Hope After Enrollment Declines at Massachusetts Community Colleges

The state’s community colleges have had steep, decades-long enrollment drops. Their leaders believe a proposed free college program for adult learners can help turn trends around.

Student Spending on Course Materials Falls to Decade Low

Average annual spending on college course materials fell to a decade low of $285 in the 2022–23 academic year, Student...