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A referee in a black and white striped shirt and a black baseball cap, faces away from the camera as he points toward the distance.

Accreditors as Referees

Don’t hate on higher ed’s refs: an accreditor’s role is to enforce the rule book for academic freedom and institutional autonomy, Jamienne Studley writes.

Ensuring Quality Programs for Students With Intellectual Disabilities

An emerging accreditor aims to set standards for evaluating the growing number of programs for students long underserved in higher education.

Will University of the People Endure for the People?

This free, nonprofit, online university breaks rules, harnesses bots and seeks to serve the world. But its effort to seek new accreditation raises thorny higher ed innovation questions.

What the Accreditation Naysayers Don’t Understand

If you want a higher ed reboot, you’re going to need the accreditors, Lawrence Schall writes.

‘Obstacle Course of Bureaucracy’

A new report alleges that “higher education accreditors don’t want to hear your complaints.” That's not true, the accreditors say.

A University Ends Its Faculty Senate, and Dissent Could Be Punished

Leaders of West Virginia’s Bluefield State University ended the Faculty Senate, among other changes that drew faculty criticism. Now, the university president has written a blog post mulling firing certain dissenters.

Should the ‘New’ New College Lose Its Accreditation?

In the face of unprecedented political interference, Florida’s public universities have no right to be accredited, Brian Rosenberg writes.

Accreditors Are Sleeping on the Job

The accrediting agencies’ collective failure to hold low-performing colleges accountable against objective standards harms students and taxpayers, Jay Urwitz writes.