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On Air and in the Neighborhoods

Radio programs and community discussions take aim at would-be students from underrepresented Asian groups.

Face to Face

In the pews and on the quads, personalized advice serves some black students well, California State U. finds.

New Take on the Gender Gap

3 Harvard economists add historic context -- some of it surprising -- to the issue of dwindling male enrollments.

Affirmative Action for Men

After op-ed by Kenyon dean underscores how college admissions officers favor male applicants, many ask: Is this legal? Is it right?

Homework: Get Accepted to College

The application process is becoming a requirement for high school graduation in some Texas districts, with encouraging results.

Moving Beyond Test Scores

Following a large drop in admitting black freshmen, U. of Kentucky changes its admissions procedures to emphasize diversity.

$9,999 for a Few Days of Advice

A "boot camp" may set a new record on how much admissions consultants are charging nervous applicants and their families.