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Students on University of South Carolina campus

Admitting the Top 10%, for Geographic Diversity

University of South Carolina to admit top 10 percent of students from the state’s public high schools. Texas did that when its colleges couldn’t consider race; South Carolina officials say that’s not their motivation.

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The Common App Enters an Uncommon Era

The start of this year’s application cycle was more momentous than usual, as colleges introduced new essay prompts and adjusted requirements for a post–affirmative action world.

Virginia Tech Ends Legacy Admissions, Early Decision

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University is the latest institution to put an end to legacy preferences in admissions. On...
The white-columned facade of the U.S. Supreme Court

Selective Admissions on Trial

The Supreme Court decision on affirmative action is yet another reminder that emulating Harvard is—and always has been—a fool’s errand, John R. Thelin and Richard W. Trollinger write.

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First Out of the Gate

Wesleyan University was the first elite college to end legacy admissions after the affirmative action ban. President Michael Roth explains why he made the jump and whether others will follow.


Dealing With Graduate School Rejections

Applicants and programs need to improve rejection letters and how they are handled.

An neoclassical brick building stands in the middle of a tree-lined college campus

UNC Board Changes Admissions, Hiring Policies on Race

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Board of Trustees voted Thursday to prohibit the institution from considering race...

The Week in Admissions News

UNC board changes admissions; hiring policies on race; Occidental ends legacy admissions; NACAC acquires Character Collaborative; Education Department discharges loans of 7,400 CollegeAmerica students.