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The Tenure Review Process Must Evolve

Innovative faculty members can lead the way, argue Andrew McKinney and Amanda Coolidge, by encouraging the inclusion of open educational resources work in tenure and promotion portfolios.

What I Wish I’d Known Before Tenure

Based on his experience over the past 25 years, Mike Gunter Jr. shares five core strands of advice.

Mic-Drop Advice for Getting Promoted and Tenured

Katie D. Lewis provides recommendations for how to succeed along the tenure track in each key area of academe -- while also balancing the demands of motherhood.

Starting a Tenure-Track Career

This transition, while enormously exciting, can present some challenges and concerns, writes Melissa Dennihy, who offers tips on how to settle in your first year and keep thriving.

The Problems With Pausing the Tenure Clock

Colleges have not thoroughly examined the cost of such well-intentioned measures and how they might exacerbate racial and gender inequalities, Reem Khamis-Dakwar and Josh Hiller argue.

On the Tenure Track… Again

Moving to a position at a different institution, while challenging, can be done successfully if you take a strategic approach that begins before you start the new job, write Lisa Perks and Rochelle Ruffer.

Making Your Case

Courtney C. W. Guerra provides advice on how to successfully compile a compelling renewal or tenure dossier.

Politics, Policies and Practices for Associate Professor Advancement

Those seeking the rank of full professor face many impediments, writes Michael Bugeja, who offers advice on how to surmount such challenges.