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Building Relationships at Home

How can you network most effectively within your own institution? Stephen J. Aguilar provides advice.

On Belonging in the Academy

Stephen J. Aguilar reflects on what it means to be part of an academic community where you don't see your identity reflected in your peers.

Establishing Your Scholarly Identity

Stephen J. Aguilar suggests ways new tenure-track faculty members can define and shape how they present themselves so they can do more of the work they want.

On the Move

Switching positions in your first years as a junior faculty member is both stressful and energizing, writes Christopher Garland, who provides some pointers on how to make the transition.

Networking: Just Do It

Even if up until now you haven’t done it, even if you find it insufferable, even if you think you’re awkward, even if you secretly believe that you’re somehow above it, argues Stephen J. Aguilar, do it and open yourself up to the possibilities that follow.

Telling Your Tenure Story

Christine Tulley gives advice on developing a cohesive narrative in your tenure and promotion dossier.

Documenting Your Career for Success

Don Haviland, Anna M. Ortiz and Laura Henriques advise how to create a strong reappointment, tenure or promotion file.