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Hands type on a laptop keyboard while digital images float above the keys including the text "ChatGPT"

Harvard Taps AI to Help Teach Computer Science Course

Artificial intelligence powered by ChatGPT is helping Harvard’s beginner computer science students understand and improve their work creating and fixing code.

Wells College president Jonathan Gibralter, a light-skinned man with gray hair and a mustache, wearing academic regalia and sunglasses, on graduation day in front of red Wells College signage.

The ChatGPT Commencement Address

Wells College president Jonathan Gibralter is among the higher ed leaders who used ChatGPT to craft a graduation speech this year. But the administrative potential of such tools remains largely untapped.


Reject Automated Grading of Student Writing

Some lines we shouldn’t cross. This is one.

A black-and-white drawing of a human brain topped with a mortarboard bearing the letters "AI."

What’s a Word Worth in the AI Era?

Kartik Chandra offers a message to the Class of 2023: your words matter, now more than ever.


Classroom Implications of AI Plagiarism and Fabrication

Conversations around AI in the classroom need to be more explicit about addressing the opaque nature of technologies such as Chat GPT.

Photo of a woman with her hair pulled back and staring at the camera. The image is overlaid with zeros and ones to suggest a computerized world.

How AI Tools Both Help and Hinder Equity

The technology promises to assist students with disadvantages in developing skills needed for success. But AI also threatens to widen the education gap like no tech before it.

Turnitin’s AI Detector: Higher-Than-Expected False Positives

Turnitin’s AI writing–detection tool has a higher false positive rate than the company originally asserted, according to Annie Chechitelli, the...
A woman on a flotation device in a body of water working on her laptop.

Professors Plan Summer AI Upskilling, With or Without Support

Academics seeking respite from the fire hose of AI information and hot takes launch summer workshops. But many of the grass-roots efforts fall short of meeting demand.