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The letters "AI" in blue against a dark, futuristic, abstract background.

Readying Students for the AI Revolution

To prepare students for coming changes in the workforce, we are recommitting to three pedagogical practices, Molly Vollman Makris, Nate Mickelson and Ryan Coughlan write.

A drawing of a human brain hovering above computer hardware.

Don’t Assume Students Are Eager AI Adopters

Faculty and administrators shouldn’t assume students are jumping on the AI bandwagon, Andrea L. Guzman writes.


Embrace AI To Boost Your Enrollment Marketing Team’s Productivity

Advantages include: automation, personalization and increased engagement.


ChatGPT and Writing Assessment, an Old Problem Made New

When it comes to assessing student writing, ChatGPT merely makes an enduring problem more apparent.

Hands typing on a computer over which hovers ChatGPT sing

How ChatGPT Bested Me and Worsted My Students

As educators, let’s not be so reactive to AI when it comes to possible plagiarism, writes Brandi Lawless. Otherwise, we are no more nuanced than it is itself.

A smartphone with the words "Chat GPT" against an abstract background.

Yes, We Are in a (ChatGPT) Crisis

And we need to start acting like it, Inara Scott writes.

A businessperson in a paper boat uses a telescope to look at an oncoming wave.

The Oncoming AI Ed-Tech ‘Tsunami’

At a star-studded MIT gathering last week, the business sector made clear that industry leaders have FOMO, that the possibility for catastrophic failure exists and that humans and machines define “trust” differently.

Bryan Alexander on AI: Pulse Podcast

The new episo de of the Pulse podcast features an interview with Bryan Alexander, futurist and writer, about the role...