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Kansas Community College Settles in Football Player’s Death

A Kansas community college has settled a lawsuit filed by the mother of a student who died in 2021 after...
Pac-12 logo at midfield of a football field

Conference Reshuffling Adds to Instability in Big-Time Sports

Five universities leave the Pacific-12 for other leagues, leaving behind just four peers. Leaders insist institutional “stability,” not money, drives their moves.

Three female swimmers swim in three different pool lanes.

End Admissions Preferences for Athletes

Admissions preferences for athletes favor wealthy, white families and corrupt youth sport, Rick Eckstein and Linda Flanagan write.

NCAA Fines Tennessee More Than $8M for Football Violations

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville’s football program committed hundreds of recruiting violations over several years, including payments to athletes...
Three soccer players huddle with their coach

Student Wellness Tip: 4 Ways to Work With Athletes

Student athletes often struggle with mental health challenges but are reluctant to seek help. These strategies can help provide students with the resources they need, when they need them.

LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne taking a selfie with fans

The Current State of NIL

Athletics officials will lobby lawmakers this week for a federal bill governing name, image and likeness as the NCAA and conferences contend with a patchwork of state laws.

A man in a gray track suit on a basketball court

The Scandal-Proof Star Coach

West Virginia’s Bob Huggins kept his job after making blatantly homophobic comments earlier this month, reflecting the staying power of controversial coaches who deliver athletic victories.

A blue and pink flag transgender pride flies in the wind.

Biden Administration Hears From 132,000 and Counting on Title IX Rule

The rule would prevent blanket bans on transgender athletes participating in the sport that matches their gender identity, but some groups want the Education Department to do more to protect this group of students.