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NCAA: Bogus or Bona Fide?

Taylor Branch and John V. Lombardi square off in a fiery debate over the ways -- positive and negative -- the NCAA affects athletes' welfare.

Analyzing Penn State

Steve Weinberg, a critic of big-time college football and longtime friend of Graham Spanier, considers two new books on the Sandusky scandal.

Watch What You Tweet

California will become second state to ban colleges from requiring access to students' social media accounts. In other states, that's exactly what athletic departments are doing.

NCAA Misstep on Penn State

The association's penalties did nothing for the victims and largely spared the perpetrators, writes Robert King. So why did it get involved, and what are the implications for the future?

When in Doubt, Investigate

When allegations of wrongdoing emerge, colleges should investigate them aggressively and independently, Scott Coffina writes.

Be Their Guest

Investigation into U. of Tennessee's football recruiting practices raises questions about the continued presence of "hostesses" -- female students responsible for entertaining recruits -- on some campuses.

Diversifying Through Football

At many Division I universities, sports remains a major -- if not the primary -- route to college for black men, data from more than 300 colleges show.