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The NCAA (Academic Performance) Tournament

Which would be the top men’s basketball team in the country if academics mattered more than skill on the court?

Not Only in the NFL

The underrepresentation of Black head coaches in college sports is unacceptable, Shaun R. Harper writes.

Biological Essentialism Hurts All Athletes

Isaac Sederbaum responds to a recent Inside Higher Ed opinion piece on women and college sports, citing four major issues with it, including flawed research and bigotry.

A Trans Swimmer Roils Women’s Sports

The dominance of Penn’s Lia Thomas has many decrying her success, though definitive research that might guide the conversation is lacking. Now the NCAA is making up the rules as it goes along.

Biological Gender in Fair Competitive Sports Policy

Allowing biologically male athletes on female teams will continue a practice of unfair sex-based disadvantage for women at our colleges and universities, argues Angie Kirk.

NCAA Adopts New Constitution, Policies for Trans Athletes

The NCAA ratified a new constitution Thursday despite objections from members who feel it concentrates too much money and power in the hands of Division I colleges.

The Big Threat to Academic Freedom No One’s Talking About

College athletes lack the rights other students enjoy because those rights have been subsumed by business imperatives, write Stephen T. Casper, Jay M. Smith and Nathan Kalman-Lamb.

Trustees Cannot Punt on College Football

Top administrators are certainly instrumental, but ultimately, coaches’ compensation and other key financial decisions rest with a university’s board, writes Richard Chait.