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Lack of Clear-Cut NCAA Rules Creates Confusion About NIL

The NCAA has contacted Brigham Young regarding a whole-team NIL deal, even as the rules on players profiting from the use of their name, image and likeness remain unclear.

What Blockbuster Coaching Contracts Mean for Higher Ed

Massive contracts for college football coaches have prompted criticism from some administrators and elected officials, but economists note such paydays have been building to this level for years.

Wake Forest Makes Tailgates More Inclusive

The university adds music, seating, food trucks and tent rentals to pre–football game tailgates, hoping to draw students who have never felt welcome at the fraternity-dominated events.

The New NCAA Constitution Hints at Big Changes Ahead

A new draft of the National Collegiate Athletic Association constitution ‘embraces’ compensation for athletes’ names, images and likenesses and promises to give each division the power to govern itself.

Some College Athletes Cash In While Others Lose Out

Star athletes at Division I schools are earning big payouts from the NCAA’s interim name, image and likeness policy, while athletes playing minor sports at smaller schools struggle to make sense of it.

Congress Weighs In on College Athletes Leveraging Their Brand

Lawmakers hear testimony from players, coaches and administrators as they consider establishing federal rules to govern college athletics.

Treating Private College Athletes Like the Pros

A new memo from the National Labor Relations Board’s top attorney classifies college athletes as employees with the right to unionize.

Where Are the Presidents?

Commercialism and college sports are on trial, yet, for the most part, higher education leaders have been conspicuously silent, argues John Thelin.