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Systems Can -- and Must -- Build Better Pathways to Prosperity

For access-oriented colleges and universities, many of which are governed by public systems, stepping up to fix transfer is critical both for extending opportunity to more individuals and for ensuring the survival of these vitally important institutions.

Beyond a Typical Articulation Agreement

At UD Sinclair Academy, bridging the transfer gap between University of Dayton and Sinclair Community College goes beyond the traditional articulation agreement, clearing roadblocks that stop too many talented, ambitious students from achieving their goals.

Credits, Partnerships and Advising: Metro State's Trifecta of Transfer Success

Metro State is deeply committed to improving transfer, but not deeply resourced. Its success in cultivating a transfer-receptive culture demonstrates how universities can build both a better transfer experience and healthier institutions at the same time.

Transfer Today Isn’t Linear. Solutions Must Recognize That

Our notion of a transfer student must account for the fact that today’s students move in and out of institutions and different learning experiences.

Don’t Blame Students for Institutional Barriers to Equitable Transfer Success

Rather than asking, “Are students transfer-ready?” we should be asking, “Is our college ready for transfers?”

Articulation Agreements Are Just a Small Part of the Answer

While these agreements may help administrators, they do not meet the needs of students. Transfer students need more support, clarity and guidance than what this narrow legal document can offer.

Adding College Transfer to the Biden Administration's Agenda

College affordability remains a false promise without improving the community college transfer pipeline.

Introducing Tackling Transfer

Elevating transfer work while sharing lessons learned and tools for success.