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3 Questions for Embry-Riddle’s Ronnie Mack

A conversation with an educator, connector, encourager and coach.

Supporting the Faculty Member Fearing Generative AI

The advent of generative AI has hit higher education with the force of an earthquake, deeply shaking many faculty members who have serious concerns for their careers.

We Must Still Make Students Write

A response to Corey Robin’s retreat to in-class writing.

Confronting Hard Truths

Brutal realities that American higher education ignores at its peril.


Creating an Evergreen Fundraising Communications Strategy

The time between campaigns offers a unique opportunity to focus on branding.

Always Leave ’Em Laughing

Humor and the college classroom.

It’s Over: Higher Ed in the Rearview Mirror

What do we truly believe about higher education?

3 Reasons Why ‘Silo’ Is Really a Critique of Academic Culture

How Apple TV+’s dystopian series, based on novels by Hugh Howey, is, in reality, a parable of higher education.