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Navigating Life’s Layers of Complexity

What you can learn from this country’s premier chronicler of trauma and the broken heart.

Guest Post: A ChatGPT Teaching Experiment

Start with your core pedagogical values when it comes to incorporating ChatGPT.

What’s Happening to Today’s Families and Children

What’s right and what’s wrong with families today.

Chaos Kings audio book by Scott Patterson

‘Chaos Kings’, Climate Change, and Black Swan Events

Why reading about hedge funds is a great way to think about how university leaders should think about low-probability/high-impact events.

The Servant Leader in Higher Education

One of the greatest leaders in the history of the United States commonly closed his correspondence with “Your obedient servant, A. Lincoln.”

Media Relations Trends to Consider as a New Academic Year Begins

As the media landscape continues to shift, knowing what to expect can help you strategize outreach and manage expectations.

Teaching Matters

Let’s face it: Poor teaching is a big barrier to student success.