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Training Should Happen at Work

Truth is, education is not set up to prepare employees for the specifics of the workplace. That’s a good thing.

Cover of Still Broke by Rick Wartzman.

Is Walmart ‘Still Broke’?

Inspired to learn more about Walmart’s higher ed partnership with Guild.


Stacking Certificates and Degrees

The lessons we’ve learned so far.

Involuntary Commitment and the Problem of Homelessness

Approaching homelessness and psychiatric and substance abuse disorders through a holistic, interdisciplinary lens.

Generative AI in College and Departmental Administration

Generative AI can be an important assistant in promoting excellence in the role of dean, associate dean, department chair or department head.

Seeing What’s Possible

Norway: What happens when you try to educate everyone.

Stepping Away

Time for a reset, and a big thank-you to my wise and worldly readers.