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Blowing in the Wind

Scott McLemee takes a look at forthcoming university press titles.

A Different Vision for International Education

Author explains his finance-focused book on American colleges and the world.

Why Books Still Matter: Part 1

Rebecca Alpert explores what we should be teaching graduate students in the humanities today—such as how to navigate writing a book-length work.

Evolving Faculty Views on Teaching, Publishing and Technology

A new report took the temperature of thousands of U.S. faculty members. Among the findings: a high regard for conferences, even when delivered virtually; a rise in open educational resources; and a decrease in scholarly funding.

‘Other People’s Colleges’

Author discusses his book on the “origins of American higher education reform.”

Snapshots of the Cyclops

Scott McLemee takes a peek at Lynn Spigel's TV Snapshots: An Archive of Everyday Life

‘Misconceiving Merit’

Authors discuss their new book on the way science discriminates against those who are not white or Asian heterosexual men.

Questioning the Machine

Scott McLemee reviews Mark Coeckelbergh’s The Political Philosophy of AI.