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Is AI in higher education worth the hype?

We may be a long way from understanding exactly how higher education can harness AI and machine learning’s great potential safely, but this episode's guests say that continuing to test and explore it is the only way to make progress

Teaching 101 tips from your peers

Teaching is fundamental to the higher education mission and student success. In this episode, educators from across the world offer their top teaching tips

How can universities tackle misinformation?

Two misinformation researchers offer their ideas for how universities can play a bigger role in tackling misinformation – from supporting local journalism to collaborating to influence tech platforms

What makes research and teaching interesting?

Find out what universal tricks and traits can make things more interesting whether introducing a new concept in class or drafting a research paper for fellow academics

What Freeman Hrabowski wants you to know about inclusivity

Having difficult conversations, building trust and analyzing student data are all part of Freeman Hrabowski’s approach to inclusivity at UMBC

Pointers on writing and publishing for academics

No matter what stage you're at in your academic career, you'll find this advice from 10 scholars and publishers helpful

How to build mutually beneficial community partnerships

University leaders at Kings College London, the University of Chicago and University of Melbourne talk about working with community stakeholders in all areas of teaching and research

How to use social media to promote your work

Two scholars who have embraced social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and podcasts to communicate their research explain how they got started and what works