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What’s needed to successfully scale higher education?

How can universities meet the growing global demand for higher education, increasing access to a wider pool of students while maintaining the quality of their teaching and learning?

What is the civic role of universities post-pandemic?

What does it mean to be a civic university in 2021 and how should institutions improve their public outreach and engagement to increase their value to wider society?

Making teaching more inclusive and equitable

How can academics ensure their teaching strategies meet the needs of diverse students and create inclusive, equitable classrooms

Rethinking the internationalization of higher education

How should international study evolve post-pandemic in order to extend the benefits of higher education to every corner of the globe?

Student employability post-pandemic

How can universities prepare students for a post-Covid workplace?

Making the case for better faculty training

How should the role of academics evolve to ensure students receive the high quality teaching they deserve?

Building resilience and well-being among university staff and students

How university leaders and faculty can manage workloads and protect the well-being of staff and students to ensure online teaching is sustainable