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Woman stands before a wall of scientific data

Fostering Collaboration in Science

They’ve become increasingly important to science, but we don’t discuss our challenges with data, and academic culture can push us to work out problems alone, says Julia Stewart Lowndes.

Woman, hands or lotus pose meditation on sunset beach

Standing on One Foot in Higher Ed

As we experience disengagement, anxiety and disconnectedness, routine practices can be a powerful antidote, writes Constanza Bartholomae.

Microphone in focus in front of a blurred crowd of people

Lessons in Public Scholarship

Public-facing work shouldn't just be an add-on to scholarly work but also an integral aspect of our jobs as researchers, writers and teachers, writes Christopher Schaberg.

Bright red lock sits on a clipboard with a list on it (opinion)

Navigating the Hidden Curriculum Part II

Aurora Washington and Rebekah Layton explore social identity, peer relationships, self-advocacy and accessing resources—in hopes of providing context and support for those just now encountering these parts of the hidden curriculum.

The word Accepted followed by an asterisk on a black background

Who Can Teach Ethnic Studies Revisited

Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo further explores its genesis and history, which she divides into three parts.

Tiny man holding a briefcase looks bewildered as he stands in front of giant feet of another man

Surviving in a Small Department

Matthew J. Wright describes some of the challenges as well as the benefits.

Man and woman sharing lightbulb standing on two hands clasped like a bridge

Bridging Disciplinary Divides

Brian R. Clack, a philosophy professor, and Beth O’Shea, a geology professor, share lessons they discovered firsthand about the transformative power of an immersive, team-taught course.

Illustration: a hand reaches out to another hand holding a bright red torch

The Effective Presidents Emeriti

It’s all about clearly defining the role and avoiding being underfoot, writes Steven Bahls.