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Bright red lock sits on a clipboard with a list on it (opinion)

Navigating the Hidden Curriculum: Part I

Aurora Washington and Rebekah Layton advise students from historically excluded groups on the benefits of networking, mentoring up and career planning.

President James T. Harris walked with student in a canyon near the University of San Diego

A Walk in the Canyon

Campus leaders need to connect authentically with the students and others whom they serve and become grounded in their situations, writes James T. Harris.

Three different colored wheels (blue, green, and red) attached together

Evaluating Faculty’s Multifaceted Work

More than ever, higher ed needs a new approach to assessing what faculty do, writes Salvatore J. Catanzaro, who proposes an integrated teacher-scholar model.

Group of diverse college students in a classroom

Fostering Students’ Intercultural Competence

Shakil Rabbi describes how an innovative class helped diverse students from various countries and backgrounds navigate cultural differences.

Leader speaking a podium to crowd of abstract heads of people

The Time Is Now

Speaking publicly about issues central to free speech and higher ed autonomy is every college president’s responsibility, writes R. Barbara Gitenstein. The future of higher ed, and thus democracy, is at stake.

A colorful abstract depiction of ladders, spirals and other shapes

New Metaphors to Guide Career Development

The standard one for graduate students is the ladder, which by its very nature compels us to climb, writes Vanessa Doriott Anderson. But careers can take unexpected turns.

Hand holding a watering can pouring water into open human head on fire

Intervening Into Burnout

Beth Godbee presents a number of tangible ways that academics can build a sense of what’s possible, structurally as well as individually.

A person stands in front of two huge stacks of manuscripts with their hands on their head (opinion)

Trading Places

If you want to be published, Rachel Toor advises, you should first imagine the life of an editor.