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Equal Benefits for Postdocs

Postdocs on federal fellowships should receive equal benefits as peers, write Mallory R. Smith and Thomas P. Kimbis.

Disruptions Ahead

Some 48,000 graduate student workers, postdocs and researchers across the U of California are striking for a major pay increase. The pressure is on.

COVID Conferences: Vulnerable Scholars Needn’t Apply

In scrapping remote options for conferences, academia has set out on a dangerous trajectory, Shira Lurie and Nicole Schroeder write.

Prestige Hiring Across Academe

Prior research demonstrates insular faculty hiring practices within certain disciplines. A new study finds them across fields. What does that mean for knowledge production?

When to Move the Annual Meeting

As discriminatory state laws proliferate, higher ed associations need policies to guide decisions on whether to relocate the annual meeting, Erin Hennessy writes.

Paying to Be Honored

One scholar’s account of having to pay full conference registration to attend an award ceremony sparks new debate about high meeting costs.

Postdoc Not Required

Northeastern University’s College of Science says it’s now open to hiring Ph.D.s right out of graduate school as part of a new science faculty hiring program aimed at broadening the candidate pool.

Conferencing Critically in a COVID-19 World

Remote or hybrid conferences solve a lot of problems but bring other downsides that are underdiscussed, Nolan Higdon and Allison Butler write.