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Reimagining the Scholarly Meeting

Ithaka S+R releases study on the annual conference in the pandemic era and announces new cohort to plan for meetings of the future.

Faculty Diversity Fell in Time of Crisis

New study looks back to find that faculty diversity took a hit in terms of tenure-track hires during and after the Great Recession. Study also looks ahead to warn that the same thing could happen during and after COVID-19.

‘In New Territory’

John Eastman, legal architect of “Stop the Steal,” and Claremont Institute pull out of political science meeting after their panels were moved online. The group threatens legal action, but many political scientists say Eastman has no place among them.

Denied in a Heartbeat

Kutztown University didn’t grant any remote teaching requests this term, not even to an immunosuppressed professor with a new heart. The case raises more questions about “blanket” accommodation bans.

The Future of the Academic Conference

Pitched the Delta curveball, some scholarly associations turn to online meetings again while others still plan to meet face-to-face in the coming weeks. The groups are rethinking what annual meetings will look like after the pandemic, with implications for equity and accessibility.

The Grass May Be Greener for Women in Industry

The pay gap between men and women in academic science is bigger than it is in industry, according to a new analysis of federal survey data. What might it take to close that gap?

Intent to Hire

Ohio State University’s education program is taking a “grow-your-own” approach to faculty diversity, training postdocs to become tenure-track professors -- in the college.

Retirement Benefits Return

For the most part, institutions are resuming the faculty and staff retirement benefits they cut or stopped during the pandemic. Fights over the future of those benefits are being waged on some campuses.