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Career Exploration in College

Essays on how colleges can do more to help undergraduates explore careers while ensuring that their educations are relevant to the job market.

The Boomer Cult of Self-Realization Is Killing College

Colleges have in recent decades placed student discovery ahead of pathways and outcomes. Today’s students need a more practical approach, Ryan Craig argues.

Uncertain Job Market Awaits Soon-to-Be Graduates

Student anxiety is high as internship opportunities are rescinded and hiring delayed by employers. College career advisers remain optimistic that there are still jobs out there.

Identifying Local Skills Gaps

New report from Emsi explains how regions can use data to identify skills gaps, which vary wildly across cities and even within industries, and what that means for higher ed.

AI Arms Race

More employers are using applicant tracking systems to hire employees. Some colleges are using new AI-based tools, like VMock, to help students keep up.

It Takes a Village to Get a Student Hired

University of Denver's career office promotes faculty and alumni collaboration -- and leads to successful results.

Handshake for All

The popular career services platform is now available to any student with a .edu email address -- and that's changing how career services are provided at many colleges and universities.

Philosophy Degrees and Sales Jobs

New data on the first three jobs held by graduates of six popular majors show career pathways are a swirl rather than a straight line, and that college degrees typically do create a foundation for entering the workforce.