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Woman standing at top of stairs with a flag planted reaches out to help man up the stairs

Finding the Right Mentor at the Right Time

It could be just what you need to take the next step in your career journey, and identifying and working with one is easier than you might think, writes Shailee Koranne.

Map of United States with scientific data visualization

Engage in Science Policy Where You Are

Adriana Bankston explores how education about science policy at the state level can enrich one’s career.

Anxious woman looks at two men interviewers with their backs to the viewer

The Invisible Burdens We Carry

Lauren Easterling explores how much one should share about their personal challenges in a job search and the workplace.

A robotic hand touches keys on a computer keyboard

How Not to Sound Like a Robot

Katie Homar advises how to craft effective emails during your job search that don’t seem so formulaic that ChatGPT could have written them.

Two people, a woman and a Black man, stand at the top of a mountain holding a flag, while another man looks out as if scouting the area

Enduring Skills and the Future of Work

No one succeeds alone, writes Chris Smith, so graduate students should focus on building human skills in order to advance in their careers.

An arrow moving up five steps on a yellow background and pointing farther upward

How to Optimize Your Career Preparation 

Tithi Basu Mallik and Kay Kimball Gruder each share their favorite pieces of guidance—their best recommendations for strategic actions you can take—in five key areas.

Hands holding signs with the words "sabbatical leave" (opinion)

Creating a Sabbatical at Any Stage of Your Career

Nana Lee advises how to create a time for growth and reflection even though it’s not a formal part of your program.

Illustration of female professional standing in a large maze

Way Finding

When you look back over your entire career and life, Victoria McGovern asks, who said or did something that helped guide you?