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Cuts, Cuts, Cuts

The College of Saint Rose, University of Evansville and Marquette University are seeing massive academic cuts. Officials point to ongoing demographic trends. Faculty grieve and fight back.

Moving to Offense: A New Playbook for Confronting Budget Shortfalls

Across-the-board cuts and salary freezes won’t make colleges sustainable. It’s time to adopt a strategic framework for financial decision making, write Tammy Kolbe and Rick Staisloff.

Paine College on the Brink?

The private historically black institution in Georgia says it will seek a new accreditor after a federal judge rules that a regional agency can withdraw its stamp of approval, blocking access to federal financial aid.

Prioritization Anxiety

How can a process more and more administrations are embracing be supported by professors? Or are they right that the process is really about eliminating programs that aren't seen as rainmakers?

Rethinking State Support for Higher Ed

Concerns among policy makers and the public are mounting over reductions in state spending on public higher education, but what's missing is a serious conversation about whether those cuts are fairly distributed, write Sara Goldrick-Rab and Tammy Kolbe.

Zeroed Out in Arizona

State officials' decision to completely cut funding for some community colleges is unprecedented.

The End of History?

One North Carolina university, prodded by the state, may kill its history, political science and physics majors, among others.

Debt by a Thousand Cuts

Weak revenue streams, particularly investment returns, are putting pressure on debt service obligations at private colleges, meaning programs and other costs could be cut.