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Revamping Curriculum Management: Optimizing Academic Operations

"Revamping Curriculum Management: Optimizing Academic Operations" is a new print-on-demand booklet from Inside Higher Ed. You may download the free...

Enough With the Culture Wars

Stanford’s first-year program revives the concept of a shared curriculum without reigniting battles over Western civ and literary canons, Dan Edelstein writes in a response to Mark Bauerlein.

Building Racial Dialogue in a Time of Backlash

It was no easy task to win approval for a brand-new Department of Race, Diaspora and Indigeneity at the University of Chicago, Leora Auslander and Adom Getachew write.

Goodbye Red Scare, Hello Ed Scare

Colleges must mobilize now against legislation to censor curricula and ideas, Jonathan Friedman writes.

Lessons From the Struggle Against the Old McCarthyism

Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin looks to the past to better understand the alarming present-day rise in attacks on what can and can’t be taught.

Taking Charge of Program Viability

When faced with reorganization and possible program elimination, faculty can respond with a plan to make their programs more viable, Michael J. Cripps writes.

Pulling the Plug on Philosophy

Citing low enrollment, the University of Nebraska at Kearney plans to cut its philosophy major, following the recommendation made by a state board. Students and faculty are fighting to save the program.

A Template for Academic Freedom

Professors seek a united faculty voice against legislative incursions into the curriculum with respect to the teaching of race.