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What’s Wrong With the Proposal to Eliminate 'Small Majors'

The University of Wisconsin System should consider much better strategies for reducing costs and enhancing revenue, argues Benjamin Rifkin.

Asking Essential Questions at Ursinus

College doubles down on its residential liberal arts mission with new core curriculum.

Purdue Global Nondisclosure Agreement Gone

Purdue Global faculty members will no longer be required to sign a contentious employee agreement that allowed the university to be arbiter of who owns rights to instructional materials.

From Nursing Apprenticeships to Bachelor's Degrees

A more affordable and effective pathway to a bachelor's of science degree in nursing may be apprenticeship.

Seeking a New 'Golden Age' of General Education

What's a general education? Book by noted literary critic advocates a return to the basics.

No Deal on Business Major

Chicago's proposed undergraduate business major was short-lived, but the economics faculty found a way to save it, as a new "track."

The Liberal Arts and the Meaning of a University

The claim that cutting back on certain liberal arts majors means that an institution cannot be a university makes assumptions that are worth examining, writes Greg Summers.

New Models for Educational Materials

" New Models for Educational Materials " is Inside Higher Ed' s new on-demand compilation of articles. You may download...