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‘Proof of Concept’

Some students with disabilities asked for recorded lectures before the pandemic. With universities eyeing reopening, will they take that flexibility away?

Online Learning Era Neglects Blind Students' Needs

A year after many campuses transitioned to remote instruction, blind students continue to encounter barriers that undermine their learning.

Disability as Diversity

Colleges and universities are making progress on efforts to serve disabled students, but some advocates and scholars say higher ed has been slow to recognize disability as an identity group or include it in programming around diversity and inclusion.

PC Labels Do Disservice

Pretending the significant challenges that disabled students must grapple with aren’t real -- just different -- does not help and perhaps even harms them, argues Stephen Stern.

Is This Thing On?

Jeffrey Aaron Snyder and Amna Khalid explore the thorny issues surrounding classroom recordings, “reasonable accommodations” and academic freedom.

The ADA at 30

Mary Lee Vance answers questions about the Americans With Disabilities Act, which passed 30 years ago last week, including on progress still to be made and concerns for the COVID-19 age.

How Neurodivergent Students Are Getting Through the Pandemic

Students with anxiety disorders, autism and other disabilities are struggling with the disruption of their normal routines after the move to remote education.

Accessibility Suffers During Pandemic

Students with disabilities and their advocates say access to equitable education has been abandoned in the scramble to move classes online.