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The nonbinary flag, which features, from top down, yellow, white, purple and black stripes of equal width, flows against a blue sky.

2 Catholic Colleges Add Nonbinary Policy

The College of St. Benedict for women and St. John’s University for men added a new policy explicitly allowing nonbinary students to attend either campus, cementing their support for LGBTQ+ rights.


Blog Posts on Disability and Climate Change Miss the Mark

Instead of engaging in ableism and "terror teaching," we should focus on helping all students engage in climate action.

The word "harmful," spelled out in block letters, with one block per letter. Other blocks are strewn in the background.

What’s Missing From the Discourse on ‘Harm’

Recognizing the very real trauma many students from historically marginalized backgrounds bring to campus is not the same as coddling them, Nimisha Barton writes.

A Black man wearing a graduation cap and hard hat with caution tape overlaying

An Overabundance of Caution

Colleges are going over race-conscious practices with a fine-toothed comb, anticipating future legal challenges. Critics fear they’re sacrificing values at the altar of prudence.

A young white man with dark blond hair holds a megaphone and a sign that says "I won't be censored to comfort your ignorance."

Florida’s LGBTQ+ College Students Face a Tough Choice: Stay or Go?

One in eight high schoolers living in the state wants to leave for bluer pastures. But for LGBTQ+ students, the decision is a little more complicated.

Students walk through Virginia Commonwealth University's campus

At 11th Hour, University Drops Racial Literacy Requirement

A mandated curriculum long sought by Virginia Commonwealth students and faculty members was set to take effect this fall. The university delayed it late last month, and advocates don’t buy its reasoning for doing so.

A woman stands with her back to the camera holding her graduation cap.

Students From Immigrant Families on the Rise

New reports suggest recruiting students born to immigrant parents and undocumented students is critical for colleges to stay diverse and stave off enrollment declines.

Four blocks of text from essay prompts, highlighted sporadically in orange, on an orange background.

The Common App Enters an Uncommon Era

The start of this year’s application cycle was more momentous than usual, as colleges introduced new essay prompts and adjusted requirements for a post–affirmative action world.