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An aerial photograph of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus.

Hundreds of UNC Professors Oppose ‘Overreach’

Faculty members are opposing what they consider encroachments from three sources: the state Legislature, the UNC Board of Governors and the Chapel Hill Board of Trustees itself.

Female scientists in white coats with their hair pulled back stand beside a microscope.

Research Finds No Gender Bias in Academic Science

Reviewing decades of studies, researchers with “adversarial” perspectives conclude that tenure-track women and men in STEM receive comparable grant funding, journal acceptances and recommendation letters—and that women have an edge over men in hiring.

Professor Let Go After Officiating LGBTQ+ Wedding Sues

A professor who says Calvin University denied him tenure for his LGBTQ+ rights advocacy and then didn’t reappoint him for...
On the left, Justin Jones, a Black and Filipino Tennessee lawmaker, wearing a white jacket, and on the right, John Ragan, a white Tennessee lawmaker, also wearing a light-colored jacket.

Tennessee Again Targets ‘Divisive Concepts’

While other Southern states advance legislation targeting what they define as DEI, Tennessee has passed legislation inviting complaints about professors.

A photo of the Texas Capitol building.

A Texas Trilogy of Anti-DEI, Tenure Bills

Three Texas bills would end tenure, force universities to fire professors who “attempt to compel” certain beliefs and ban what the legislation defines as diversity, equity and inclusion programming. The State Senate has already passed one.


Why We Need Better Data on Faculty Diversity

Institutions need better data on faculty backgrounds, their experiences and working conditions, and (in)equities in measures of success, Laura W. Perna writes.

Faculty Diversification Must Accelerate, Report Says

New study finds that U.S. academe can reach true faculty diversity within a generation, but that colleges and universities have to think bigger—and work together.

Faculties So White

A new report underscores how faculty diversity and student success go “hand-in-hand” and asks, “Why are university faculties so white?”