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Red Flags, Green Signals and the White Gaze

Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt offers advice about how underrepresented faculty members can best navigate campus visits at predominantly white institutions.

A Love Letter to Black Women in the Academy

Know that while you may be the only one in your program or school, or on your campus, you are not alone, writes Tia Sherèe Gaynor.

A Double Standard for Students at Risk?

Universities should recognize and reconsider the differential treatment they offer Global South students fleeing persecution, writes Isabella Aung.

Encouraging Inclusivity Without Sacrificing Ourselves

Some tenets of inclusive teaching can undercut the career trajectories, classroom respect and mental health of instructors who are minoritized in our fields, writes Kerstin M. Perez.

Liberatory Leadership

BIPOC women administrators must step up and support other women of color in higher education, writes Shartriya Collier.

Stop Asking Me for the Hummus Recipe

Such comments reveal an alarming level of misunderstanding, if not ignorance, of the Arab American community, reducing us to stereotypes and implying that we don’t belong, writes Mireille Rebeiz.

Stop Blaming Faculty of Color

Colleges should make good on the promises they have made about diversity, equity and inclusion and actually do the work of making real change, Sydney Freeman Jr. writes.

Diversifying Faculty Requires Departmental Change

Focusing on the immediate contexts underrepresented minority scholars must navigate is the best way to make academe a welcoming place, write Amalia Pallares, Angela L. Walden, Bernard D. Santarsiero and Aisha El-Amin.