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More Than an R1

Eric Joy Denise on why they decided to work at a teaching-oriented institution.  

Diversity Then and Now

Gretchel Hathaway considers the evolution of campus moves to be more inclusive, and the officials who lead such efforts.

Letter to a Gay Professor

The provost of a Christian college responds to a letter from a faculty member unable to be open about issues of sexuality while remaining employed.

Dual Career Challenges

Sue V. Rosser considers the particular issues facing women in science.

Not Just a Diversity Number

When college administrators talk constantly about their efforts to attract non-white professors, the supposed beneficiaries of these policies are marginalized, writes one such faculty member.

Calling Gay Leaders

Michael Roggow shares expert advice on how gay administrators can become presidents and how search committees can be welcoming of their candidacies.

Don't Just Stand There, Say Something

“Well, look who’s here,” sneered my older, tenured, male colleague, “It’s Dr. Diversity.” Leaning into the old boys’ corner of...

Gay in the Academy

Finding a faculty job as a gay person, writes one who has done so, means asking the right questions, recognizing red flags, accepting that locations may not be ideal, and expecting the bizarre.