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Equity and Justice in Teaching Quantitative Methods

While such methods are often considered value-free and unbiased, we must recognize how our classroom practices can reinforce oppressive ideologies and narratives, writes Kamden K. Strunk.

An Ethos of Care

Emily Skop, Martina Angela Caretta, Caroline Faria and Jessi L. Smith offer other scholars engaged in research collaborations a pledge to help foster and sustain more equitable relationships.

A Disturbing Pattern

Inadequately citing or entirely omitting the scholarship of women and people of color reflects the larger problem of entrenched marginalization in the academy, write 12 women scholars.

The Leaky Pipeline Playbook

Elena A. Miranda highlights the actions and behaviors of gatekeepers who hold the power to make or break careers and perpetuate the disenfranchisement of women and people of color.

Doing DEI Better

Simply hiring a chief diversity officer will never lead to success if we don’t take three key steps to infuse diversity, equity and inclusion efforts into the fabric of our institutions, argues Kendall D. Isaac.

Nothing Normal About Getting Tenure This Year

We are stepping into an environment where the stakes for defending the democratic university and the institution of tenure itself are arguably higher than ever, argues Megan A. Carney.

Lightening the Burden

Wendi Williams provides advice for how institutions can acknowledge and lessen the disproportionate amount of emotional labor that Black, Indigenous and people of color faculty perform.

Making the Invisible Visible

Kimberly A. Truong describes how her institution has taken a key step toward acknowledging the invisible labor of faculty of color -- and why others should do so as well.