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West Virginia University's main campus in Morgantown

West Virginia’s Unprecedented Proposed Cuts Become Clear

The flagship university is recommending eliminating 9 percent of its majors, all the foreign language programs and 7 percent of full-time faculty members.

Research Halted at Columbia-Linked NY Psychiatric Institute

The federal government halted human research at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, the Columbia University psychiatry department’s flagship site...
Zoom logo, contract, exclamation mark and question mark and megaphone

Zoom’s Changing Stances on AI and User Data Have Faculty Alarmed

Faculty members joined the social media outrage over Zoom’s ambiguity on using data to feed its AI and machine learning platforms. 

A picture of the book jacket for "Off the Mark" on the left, beside individual headshots of the two authorsh

How Grading Veered 'Off the Mark'

A new book by two education professors explores why assessment became so fraught and what we can do to restore its original purpose: helping students learn.  


How to Bring the Past to Life

Writing history with lightning.

A square with rounded corners colored with a changing gradient that starts red and pink on the top left and changes to purple and blue on the bottom right. On this background are the white letters "T," "H" and "E." To the right of the rounded square, black text reads "Times Higher Education."

Wiley Journal Board Resigns After Monthlong Strike

Departing editors accept that there’s “no shortage of academics” to replace them as they call for “concerted action.”

Doctor writing on clipboard

Change in Medical Licensing Exam Concerns Students and Faculty

The exam was changed to a pass-fail model, ostensibly to relieve student stress. Critics say the change has not reduced stress but has amplified inequities among students.

A photo illustration of Kathy Banks and text messages exchanged with a university official

The Slow, Then Sudden Downfall of a University Leader

The dishonesty of Kathy Banks related to a failed hire ultimately ended her presidency at Texas A&M. But tensions over her leadership had simmered for nearly two years.