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Leon Botstein, a bald white man with round glasses and wearing a bow tie, pictured at an event

Dealing With Disreputable Donors

Bard College president Leon Botstein met with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein on multiple occasions, raising thorny ethical questions about accepting donations.

The King’s College Loses Accreditation

Already facing severe financial pressures , the King’s College was dealt another blow last week when the Middle States Commission...
A landscape photo of the campus of New Jersey City University

State Report Blames Leaders for Financial Issues at N.J. City U

A report from the New Jersey state comptroller found that inadequate budget processes and a lack of board oversight led to a fiscal crisis at New Jersey City University.

Whittier College president Linda Oubré, a woman with light brown skin and dark hair, pictured in an office.

When Critics Come for the President

Whittier College’s president resigned last week amid rampant criticism from alumni and employees. Other embattled presidents have succumbed to similar pressures, while some remain in place.

Medaille University Will Close in August

Medaille University in Buffalo, N.Y., which was set to be absorbed by crosstown Trocaire College, will close after the acquisition...
An aerial view of the Medaille University campus

An Acquisition Deal Is Called Off

Trocaire College and Medaille University were set to integrate this fall. Now the deal isn’t happening for reasons leaders haven’t revealed. Can both institutions carry on?

Former Virginia Governor Calls for Firing of VCU President

Former Virginia governor L. Douglas Wilder is calling for a state investigation and the firing of Virginia Commonwealth University president...

NCAA: Kentucky State Falsified Football Player’s Eligibility

A former president of Kentucky State University broke NCAA rules by directing athletics staff to allow a football player to...