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A camera films students with signs on steps

Brand Protection or Censorship?

Student filmmakers at UCLA were told not to identify their institution in a project about a 1991 campus demonstration, vexing the students and raising concerns about academic freedom.

Students gather to protest anti-trans speaker Ian Haworth in the University of Albany's Campus Center; one holds a sign reading "transphobes, 0, trans people, 1."

Shouting Down Speakers Who Offend

Over the course of a month, students on several college campuses shut down speakers they disagreed with. Why is it so hard to forge a consensus on what protecting free speech really means?

Antiabortion Speech Disrupted at VCU

Virginia Commonwealth University’s president, Michael Rao, on Saturday criticized the disruption of a speech at VCU last week by antiabortion...

A Matter of (Teaching) Style: Active Learning and Student Identities

In the recent Student Voice survey, students cite teaching style as a major barrier to their academic success. Research points to active learning as a solution, but experts on pedagogy and identity offer some major caveats for professors looking to mix up their instructional approaches.

The Fragile Future of Artistic Expression on Campus

Campus art museum directors and curators are reporting rising concerns about potential repercussions for displaying controversial artworks, Amy Werbel writes.

Repairing Campus Dialogue

Surveys consistently show that students are worried about sharing their opinions on campus. Can institutions do anything to help them speak—and listen—more openly?

What Students Want (and Don’t) From Their Professors

The latest Student Voice survey reveals perceived barriers to academic success and the top actions students think professors should take. Mixing up teaching styles and being more flexible rank high.

‘Antisemite of the Week’ Professor Says He Was Fired

Last year, a watchdog organization publicly called out Kareem Tannous, then a tenure-track assistant business professor at Cabrini University, about his tweets. Tannous said he was fired, and he now plans to sue.