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Fla.’s Stop WOKE Act Remains Stymied

A panel of federal judges is keeping in place a block on Florida’s Stop WOKE Act while appeals progress.

Advised and Engaged: Getting Students More Involved in Academic Planning

Academic advising works—when students use it. What can be done to boost student engagement with academic advising structures?

A ‘Policy Violation’ or Free Speech?

Several faculty leaders from Indiana University campuses wrote a letter opposing proposed state abortion legislation and defending a colleague. An IU official called it a “policy violation,” a new report reveals.

College Holds Disproportionately Affect Students of Color

Nearly one in three Black students and one in four Hispanic students have been unable to register for classes to due to an institutional hold.

Nearly Half of Students Lack Key Academic Guidance

Just 55 percent of students say they’ve been advised on required coursework for graduation, according to Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse’s survey on students’ experiences with advising and registration.

Report: Faculty Fear Backlash for Free Speech

A new survey and report conclude that faculty members generally oppose punishing free speech but fear ramifications for using that right themselves. Others question the methodology.

Survey: Students Cite Barriers to Success, Seek Flexibility

Inside Higher Ed’s first Student Voice survey of 2023 sheds light on how students navigate their academic path, obtain and engage with course materials, and rate challenges to their success. Instructor flexibility tops student wish lists.

Creating an Outlet for Conservative Student Voices

More than a dozen conservative student papers have launched in the past few years. How do these Gen Z–run publications differ from conservative student newspapers of the past?