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Student Health and Climate Awareness: We Can Have Both

Educators can help students transform climate anxiety into meaningful action, writes Paul F. Steinberg.

On Being Erased

Florida’s decision to reject a new Advanced Placement class on African American studies raises unsettling questions, Lynn Pasquerella and Mary Dana Hinton write.

The Integrity of History Education

Legislation targeting K-12 classrooms also threatens the integrity of history education in colleges and universities, James Grossman and Jeremy C. Young write.

Bullied or Bullies?

A group of professors at Bakersfield College say they’re being maligned for having and voicing conservative views. Their critics say the professors created a hostile campus environment for students of color.

First-Impression Facilities Challenges

Maintaining older campus buildings, a challenge due to specific characteristics of such structures, is an important factor in the college enrollment process, writes facilities professional Richard Michal.

Perceived Campus Parking Problems and the Factors That Influence Them

Keeping parking areas maintained and safe are a few ways to positively sway overall student opinion of campus parking, as our infographic shows.

Not Like ‘Cable News’

Project at the University of Houston uses a virtual platform to train and encourage students to engage in civil discourse on controversial topics.

Students and Teachers Want Video. Where Will It Come From?

It’s time for providers and distributors to step up more and include video as an integral part of learning materials, writes ed-tech investor Vera Song.