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Capital Campaign Watch: Louisiana State, Penn State Harrisburg

Louisiana State University raised $1.59 billion in a campaign that started three years ago with a goal of $1.5 billion...

High Oil Prices Offer Endowment Boost

Oil prices are on a major upswing and paying off for some endowments, even as colleges face pressure to divest from fossil fuels over climate change concerns.

Capital Campaign Watch: Cal State San Bernardino, Saint Louis University

Starting Off California State University, San Bernardino , has started a campaign to raise $200 million. Thus far, the university...

Colleges Report Strong Fundraising Year

Many colleges have set fundraising records as fiscal year 2022 comes to a close. Experts note that higher ed philanthropy has boomed in recent years, even amid a pandemic.

Why I Gave $25M to a Small Liberal Arts College

By giving to McPherson College in Kansas, Melanie Lundquist wants to inspire more donations to small liberal arts colleges, she writes.

Report: College Endowment Returns Drop

New data shows college endowment returns are down after a banner year in 2021. Experts say the returns says more about a difficult year for the market than investment strategies.

Capital Campaign Watch: Babson, Drexel

Raising the Goal Babson College , which started a campaign in 2016 with a goal of $300 million, and which...

Capital Campaign Watch: Salisbury U, Santa Fe College

Starting Out Santa Fe College has started a $12 million campaign. The campaign will run for three years. Finishing Up...