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A professor offers advice to a student who is taking a test.

Americans See College’s Value but Question Its Price

A survey by New America shows Americans aren’t convinced of the return on investment of a college degree.

Front of the Department of Education building

New Borrower-Defense Rules Blocked

The new rules, which make it easier for a defrauded borrower to seek debt relief, apply to claims pending on July 1 or received on or after that date. 

Two hands handing off a gavel on an orange background.

Legal Compliance or ‘Interpretive Overreach’?

The Supreme Court ruling sent institutions scrambling to ensure compliance. Some say it’s also enabled politically motivated overreach.

A graphic showing red tape around the Education Department's seal

U.S. Panel Wants Higher Ed Accreditors to ‘Step Up’

Report says current rules set inconsistent and sometimes inadequate expectations regarding student achievement, but it stops short of suggesting “bright-line” standards for agencies.

An illustration of the words 1st Gen laid over a question mark with a graduation cap on top symbolizes the inconsistency and uncertainty of what it means to be a first-generation college student.

Defining ‘First Generation’ in Different Ways

Colleges and governments offer financial and academic support for these students, but there’s no set standard among colleges for what the term means, as limits on affirmative action raise the stakes.

Four people sit around a computer

College Access Groups Fear Impact of Outsourcing Guidance

Requirements were aimed mostly at for-profit companies colleges hire to run their online programs. Nonprofits that help students attend and complete college feel caught in the crossfire.

Alderson Broaddus Loses Degree-Granting Authority

Alderson Broaddus University has lost its state authorization to grant degrees, likely prompting a closure unless the small Baptist institution...
Bar chart showing how much more borrowers from seven institutions owe five years after graduation

New Data Show How Students Fare After Graduate School

At 24 institutions, students have accumulated more than $25 million in interest five years into repayment, while at one university, balances grew by $289 million.