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A student wearing a backpack helps restock a gray food pantry from a blue plastic tub.

Program Innovation: Smart Boxes Feed Food-Insecure Students

Virginia Commonwealth University rolled out optimized miniature food pantries to provide free and accessible food items across campus.

First-year students at Ball State University walk as a group

Program Launch: Creating Off-Campus Housing Standards

Ball State University officials created a list of qualifications students should apply to their off-campus rental properties and will establish an index of properties that meet those standards.

A young Black adult scrolls on his phone while lying down in bed.

Student Wellness Tip: Aiding Students With Homesickness

To support students who are feeling homesick, institutions can promote feelings of home within their campuses and emphasize the importance of staying connected.

Boxes of Plan B sit on a shelf in a pharmacy under a sign that reads "sexual wellness"

Student Wellness Tip: Make Emergency Contraception Accessible

Across the country, institutions are adding vending machines to their campuses for students to purchase emergency contraception when they need it.

Young woman sleeps under covers in a darkened room.

Getting Students to Think Sleep

Many college students aren’t getting enough sleep. Following are six ideas for promoting sleep, including wellness pop-ups on campus, online sleep education and classroom-based interventions.

Four Ursinus College students sign a poster

College Recognized for Its Recovery-Friendly Culture, Policies

Ursinus College in Pennsylvania became the first institution certified as a recovery-friendly workplace for faculty and staff as well as students working to overcome substance abuse.

UT students engage in mental health initiatives.

Creating a Systemwide Mental Health Solution

To meet a growing student need for mental health care, the University of Texas took a systemwide approach to solutions, investing $16.5 million into new resources.

Wide-angle photo of students gathered around a large table at the University of North Dakota's test kitchen. A young female chef/instructor is demonstrating something with a blender toward the back of the table. Ceiling holds a mirror for better views of the demonstration.

Teaching Cooking, Nutrition via Demo Kitchens

On-campus demonstration kitchens are promoting engagement and well-being at some institutions, with cooking classes, nutrition coaching, meal planning workshops and more on the menu.