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The University of Connecticut campus on a sunny day.

Scaling Up: Incorporating Student Feedback Into Mental Health Services

The University of Connecticut’s Student Health and Wellness department partners with student organizations for feedback and insight on service offerings and challenges in access.

Students carrying books chat on a college campus.

Identifying Effective—and Ineffective—Mental Health Supports

A new report from the American Council on Education offers analysis of different programs with proven evidence to have impacted students’ well-being, and those that are under evaluation.

A man uses a calculator while looking at a college bill.

Financial Wellness Impacts Student Success Indicators, Survey Finds

A financial wellness survey administered to students in fall 2022 found that concerns about finances impacted students’ academic lives—but the majority say they would access related campus resources.

Man with headphones sits a desk with his laptop open as part of a teletherapy session.

Telecounseling Talk: What Students Say

Student Voice data offer insight into students’ experiences with telecounseling. What can college leaders do to help ensure students are getting quality virtual care?

A student with her dark hair in braids sits on a staircase, hugging her arms around herself, as other students walk past

Report: Colleges Help, and Hurt, Student Mental Health

A new report from the College Futures Foundation details the institutional structures that impact student mental health positively and negatively.

Young woman, presumably on a college tour, smiles as she holds a map in a campus green space.

Reputation, Affordability, Location and… Mental Health?

Prospective students are looking at colleges’ mental health offerings in deciding where to attend, according to new Student Voice findings.

La Shonda Coleman, associate vice president at Pepperdine University, speaks in Elkins Auditorium to students for a RISE event.

Resilience Skills Curriculum Gets Ahead of Student Crisis

A resiliency skills program at Pepperdine University equips students with tools to address challenges in their lives and create a campus culture that values well-being.

Front view of curly-haired man with backpack side by side with mature female professor and conversing as they approach in hallway.

Students Expect Professors to Help Ease Their Stress, Mental Health Struggles

Professors are the No. 1 campus group students say have a responsibility to aid them with stress and mental health issues, according to the newest Student Voice survey. Professors aren’t expected to be counselors or sacrifice rigor, however.