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Two students receive Reiki at Bowdoin college.

Student Wellness Tip: Add Integrative Health Options on Campus

Bowdoin College offers weekly acupuncture and Reiki clinics to promote rest and relaxation among the student population.

Photo of young people in a fitness class, squatting. Focus is on a young woman in front with her hair in a bun.

Physical Health and Wellness Linked to Student Success

In the newest Student Voice survey, many students say their physical health and wellness is getting in the way of their academic success.

A male counselor speaks with a young male client.

Student Wellness Tip: Reaching Men With Mental Health Challenges

The director of counseling services at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock offers three strategies for combating male students’ negative ideas around mental health support.

Young woman sits in a dark room in silhouette looking at her open laptop.

Survey: Half of College Students With Mental Health Issues Haven’t Accessed Care

Student Voice data reveal gaps in care and in knowledge of campus mental health resources. Students also see professors and advisers as responsible for helping struggling students, while experts recommend a culture of care.

Close-up color photo of young woman rubbing her neck, shown from the back (face not shown)

Stress Is Hurting College Students

More than half of college students have experienced chronic stress, which is associated with worse mental health, the new Student Voice survey on health and wellness finds.

An aerial shot of Columbus State Community College

Layering Mental Health Care at a Community College

Columbus State Community College is taking a multifaceted approach to meeting its students with mental health services offerings, developing a new department as well as adding online counseling and intern support.

High angle shot of an unidentified young female student looking stressed while studying in the library - stock photo

Survey: Stress Undercutting Student Success

In the newest Student Voice survey, students say stress negatively affects their academic success, and reducing stress is their No. 1 health goal. Students also see faculty members as bearing responsibility for reducing stress.

Students take notes in a classroom.

Student Wellness Tip: Promote Social Connection

A new advisory from the U.S. surgeon general offers recommendations for individuals and the education system to promote social connection and improve community health and well-being.