On this episode we’re talking about every campus’ connector, collector and collaborator – the library. Often overlooked, university libraries are critical to the teaching and research missions of institutions. They also play a key role in digital innovation and community outreach. Two librarians tell us more about how they see their work as agents of change on campus.

Masud Khokhar is a third-generation librarian and computer scientist and is the librarian and keeper of the Brotherton Collection at the University of Leeds, where he is also director of learning spaces. Masud is the chair of Research Libraries UK. In this episode he busts myths around academic libraries, explains how they can be agents of change and tells us what he believes are the steps to shaping a more diverse generation of upcoming librarians.

Toni Carter is director of the Kares Library at Athens State University and an advocate for improving students’ information literacy. She gives advice on how faculty can collaborate with librarians to help students think critically about which sources of information they trust.


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