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Expanded Options for Some Foreign Students

The Biden administration has taken steps to make the U.S. more attractive to international talent, including expanding eligibility for some foreign STEM students to participate in a popular postgraduation work program.

International Enrollments Begin to Recover

Colleges report a 68 percent surge in new international students enrolled this fall, following steep pandemic-related drops last year. The Open Doors survey also tracks the pandemic’s effect on study abroad.

New Law Threatens International Recruiting Model

A ban on incentive-based recruitment could have big implications for how colleges recruit international students.

Major Changes to Student Visa Rules Proposed

Trump administration proposes revamping visas so students would have to apply for an extension after fixed terms of no more than four years. Some students would have to reapply after two years, depending on their country of origin.

Shutdown, Repeat

They came. They saw. They clustered. Now, a week after starting classes at UNC Chapel Hill, undergraduates are being sent home as coronavirus spreads on campus.

New International Students Barred From All-Online Classes

New U.S. immigration guidance clarifies that new international students -- unlike continuing international students -- cannot come to American colleges to take a "100 percent" online course load this fall.

We Don’t Belong Here

The new directives from Immigration and Customs Enforcement make it clear that we aren't welcome in the U.S., writes international student Musbah Shaheen.

An ‘Untenable Situation’

Harvard and MIT file suit to block a new directive from Immigration and Customs Enforcement that would prohibit international students in the U.S. from taking an all-online course load this fall.