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Little-Known Methods for Creating Co-Curricular Programming

Every department uses co-curricular programs to enhance the learning experience. Explore the little-known challenges of selecting visiting artists for exhibitions and working with students.

Developing the Gallery Schedule at a Catholic Women’s College

This post explains the curiosities, challenges and rewards of working with students at a women’s Catholic college as they develop their artistic voices in the 1990s.

Awkward Conversations With Art Students

Being on the faculty side of student-faculty interactions naturally puts conversations into a different perspective early in our careers. Are we ever really prepared for our students’ questions and frustrations?

Sister O’Kelley’s Tips for Teaching Nude Figure Drawing

What is it like to follow in the footsteps of a long-serving faculty member? How does your own undergraduate experience inform your teaching? So many things to ponder as you start your career.

Tales of a Lecturer and Director, Part 2: Power Tools Are Power

No job is really part-time; just the pay is part-time. How can one be everything to everyone and move through the ranks of academia?

Tales of a Lecturer and Director, Part 1: The Balls of St. Mary’s

What is it like to be a young professional in academia ascending the ranks? Imagine interviewing for a position when you’re seven months pregnant.

Human Resources’ Code Words for Employee Departures

The phrases used in announcements about employee departures often seem vague and oh so cagey. What do they actually mean?

Tales of an Adjunct, Part 3: This Place Makes Me Ill

What are the challenges of starting a career teaching in higher ed? The things people say to adjuncts can be astonishing.