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A Pocket Guide to Fundraising Terms

Just about everything you need to know to understand the basic relationship between colleges and universities and their donors.

Divination Modalities and the Art of Scholarship Agreements

Fundraising may not technically be one of the magical arts, but keeping donors happy while serving institutional purposes can take superhuman skills.

Why Can’t We Spend the Endowment?

All these tantalizing millions sit in those accounts, but we still might have to cut the budget? Huh?

How to Ask for Money

Some key tips: seek donors’ advice before asking for money, don’t show desperation and remember that nobody owes you anything.

Advice for Presidents From the Ghost of Diana Vreeland

What the former Vogue editor might have told today’s campus leaders about how to dress (and very much how not to).

And Just Like That, She Became Unhinged

In search of a meal, an encounter with a vociferous opponent of student loan forgiveness.

‘Don’t Buy Your Underwear in Town’

An unsuccessful search for the female president who first uttered those words, and other insights about being the first woman to lead an institution.

Soulless Academic Year Opening Speeches

Might this be the year leaders change things up and, instead of the usual list of recent accomplishments and goals for the year, talk to us about uncertainty and how the world has changed?