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How About We Put Learning at the Center?

The ongoing freak-out about ChatGPT sent me back to considering the fundamentals.

Guest Post: AI Will Augment, Not Replace

A guest post from Marc Watkins of the University of Mississippi, the second in a likely series on freaking out about ChatGPT.

Freaking Out About ChatGPT—Part I

Artificial intelligence can crank out passable student essays in seconds. What are we going to do?

Students as ATMs: Online Gambling Edition

A new way to squeeze more revenue out of students. I predict far more harm than benefit.

The Danger of Nostalgia

Longing for the days when things seemed better for you might mean it’s worse for everyone else.

Where Higher Ed Should Be More Businesslike

In a couple of areas, more of a businesslike mentality would help improve the work of higher education.

Learning Loss Should Inform Future Teaching

I once “mastered” algebra. Now it’s all gone.